This is for you if you've already done some work to improve the relationship with yourself, with your past and others, have good self-awareness, but you now want to experience positive, tangible shifts in your life on a much deeper level that will last. We'll do this together with a somatic-based approach that will help you tap into your brain-body innate healing powers.

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Effie’s ability to get to the truth of the matter and create a path to a different way of seeing myself has been life changing.

- Susannah Barrie

The most important benefit from our coaching sessions is that I’m now more confident about what I can achieve. Working with Effie has been a catalyst for me and I love the person I’ve become.

- Katerina Papavasileiou

Since day one I noticed changes in the way I see myself. Now I show up with confidence and I’m not afraid to make mistakes. I recommend working with Effie to anyone who’s struggling with self doubt. This will probably be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

- Mafalda Franca

Through a compassionate somatic-based

psychotherapeutic approach that also combines nervous system mentoring and coaching, my intention is to help you improve the way you see and feel about yourself and your past.

I'll help you uncover and release layers of childhood trauma and repressed emotions embedded in the body. This will be one of the most pivotal moments of healing because trauma repression doesn't only lead to mental health challenges and to cycles of self-sabotage, but also to 'mysterious' illnesses from migraines & IBS to chronic pain & autoimmune diseases.

Your body has an extraordinary capacity to heal itself and it always guides you towards healing. Through our work together, you'll learn to activate your body's innate healing resources so that you're gradually liberated from old adaptions of the past that don't serve you anymore.

As a result and depending on how engaged you remain throughout the process (remember, this is a partnership), and while learning to honour your body's unique healing timeline, you'll start making decisions and taking action from a stronger sense of self-worth, emotional regulation and mental clarity.

You'll also experience small victories that will gradually lead to bigger practical life shifts, while recovering a sense of safety in the prospect of meaningful happiness.

What does my approach look like?

  • We explore the past and your childhood through a developmental and attachment trauma lens
  • We actively engage your body, nervous system and emotions in the healing process, in addition to cognitively exploring your belief systems
  • In addition to working on your challenges, we also equally and constantly emphasise your strengths to increase your confidence, belief in yourself and trust in your body
  • We see your body and brain as a unified system, which is what neuroscience has known and proven for the last 30 years, and that's why we take into account your overall health to understand what happened to you and the story of your trauma
  • We approach your health from the science-based understanding that your health is a reflection of your life story, environment and culture, and that by reversing the trauma process and by making necessary changes in your lifestyle and environment, you can gradually bring balance back into your body. This is why we look at your whole life and health holistically
  • The ultimate goal is that you start making practical changes in your life that can activate your brain-body innate healing abilities, that's why this work requires continuation and a certain duration
  • You receive high-level and evidence-based nervous system psychoeducation so you can understand your body better, start seeing it as your friend and remove shame from your normal responses to a disordered culture
  • Your body is never seen as the enemy, and instead of making it wrong, you learn to look at any symptoms or dis-ease with compassion and curiosity which is the only way of unlocking deeper layers of healing and health
  • In the beginning of our programme, you are sent an intake form with questions about your overall health, environment and habits that give me a first indication of brain-body areas we might need to work on together
  • As a first call, we meet and set clear intentions for our work that give us direction in the next months and ensure we remain on track, while there's also room for flexibility
  • Following each session, you are shared bespoke practical, somatic and reflection exercises to strengthen your body-brain regulation skills, and your healing plan will be 100% tailor-made to your personal needs, desires and values
  • You're an equal partner in our relationship and are encouraged to show up with full agency because you're always the best expert in your health

To Heal & Thrive

we've got to restore our balance on three levels - on emotional level, on cognitive level (belief systems) and in our body (nervous system). Any healing process that doesn't engage any of those three elements is incomplete.

Together we'll be following my SAFETY™ in Thriving framework working with your emotions, your belief systems and your body, so that you heal unhelpful patterns and start changing the trajectory of your life.


Emotions are energy in our body driving our behaviours. The goal as part of our work together will be to release emotions that keep you stuck in unwanted situations, and to achieve emotional balance that will support your thriving.


Our core beliefs about ourselves and the world create our reality. Our goal in our work will be to help you become aware of belief systems that limit your potential and to transition to new beliefs that will allow you to thrive.


Our nervous system is the conductor of all systems in our body. Our goal here will be to help your nervous system find its balance and achieve emotional regulation so that you don't just survive, but you're able to thrive.

Results you can expect:

  • Achieving nervous system and emotional regulation, and operating in alignment with your body's window of tolerance
  • Working with your body to heal trauma that is at the root cause of self-sabotage
  • Bringing more balance into your body as a result of building emotional resilience and nervous system flexibility
  • Learning to navigate uncomfortable emotions with more ease without getting lost in them
  • Creating a healthier partnership with your mind so that your negative thinking no longer holds you back
  • Identifying shame-based stories that might be distorting the way you see yourself and engage with the world
  • Nurturing a more compassionate and loving relationship with yourself
  • Reconnecting with your intuition, and trusting yourself and your decisions
  • Confidently expressing your truth, needs and boundaries
  • Strengthening your trust in your body's capacity to heal and in your ability to create positive change
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I feel that the biggest part of not feeling worthy and feeling inadequate has been healed through working with Effie.

- Lili Suke

Effie helped me get clear on what I wanted life to look like. She helped me move away from mindsets that weren’t in alignment, through which I gained a lot of confidence and I’m now moving in the right direction. I knew I could count on her for giving me amazing feedback.

- Nabeelah Munshi

"After a long spell of psychodynamic therapy I still felt there was something missing. I felt like I didn’t really have any tools to support myself. Yes, I was aware of my behaviours, patterns and bad habits - but I couldn’t stop them. The first time I spoke to Effie I knew I could trust her straight away and this was important because sometimes I feel like no-one understands me. Effie showed me during our sessions how to re-connect with my body, to feel my feelings, and how to listen to them. She challenged me to see the past and myself without the shame, and soon it became clear to me that there wasn’t anything wrong with me’. Effie helped me get to the core of my problem, gave me tools to transcend it, and techniques to help me feel and release emotions I used to shut down out of fear. She truly helped me become ‘whole’ again. To anyone thinking of working with Effie, I'd say do yourself a favour and do it. She's been incredibly helpful to me and I will always be grateful the universe sent her my way."

- Dave Cooke

Effie held space for me to explore my feelings, difficulties and new perspectives on myself, my view of the world and my experiences. She’s supported me endlessly, gave deeply intuitive feedback and understood me really well. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of my patterns and cycles and was given the tools to work through them. 

- Kyli Ferguson

What you'll receive:


You'll receive a call at the start of the programme where we'll get clear on your goals & intentions for this work. After that we'll meet three times each month for 75min and we'll work on what you'd most benefit from each time.


I'll be sharing with you somatic-based strategies to support your healing and next level thriving after each call. Many of my clients use these for a long time after our work together ends.


If you decide to pay in full, you'll get access to my Healing Trauma Guided by the Body Course that offers an abundance of tools and other resources that will amplify your healing journey.

Three package options

(pay in full and payment plans available)

3-month coaching partnership


(pay in full includes 3-month access to Healing Trauma Guided by the Body)

3-month coaching partnership


(3-month payment plan)

6-month coaching partnership


(pay in full includes 6-month access to Healing Trauma Guided by the Body)

6-month coaching partnership


(6-month payment plan)

12-month coaching partnership


(pay in full includes 12-month access to Healing Trauma Guided by the Body)

12-month coaching partnership


(12-month payment plan)

If you feel called to engage in this transformative trauma healing and somatic-based work that will address the root causes of your mental health challenges & not only the symptoms, add yourself to the waiting list and you'll be one of the first to know when I accept new clients.

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About me

What’s led me to what I do today is a story that started when I was 10 and experienced trauma that involved family loss and mental dis-ease. Back then the stigma of mental health was even worse than it is today and, as a result, I spent my childhood feeling a lot of shame. This painful experience motivated me as an adult woman to go on a path to figure out how people can heal and live good lives after trauma.

It's come as no surprise that I've become a trauma educator and somatic coach running a busy practice that supports people privately and in groups. I have been trained in Dr. Gabor Maté's somatic-based psychotherapeutic approach, as a Mental Health and High Performance Coach and, I'm also training in Somatic Experiencing.

Through my studies and training, my work with hundreds of clients privately and in a group setting, and my personal transformation journey, I've seen again and again that with the right tools, guidance and community we can recover from trauma, feel better and live better.

I’m also a corporate trainer having run workshops on resilience, mental health and performance for organisations such as NatWest and The Centre for Entrepreneurs.

What nourishes me is the sun, the sea and meaningful conversations with friends. I hate small talk and I'm fascinated by people's life stories. In my free time, I love writing poetry and fiction, and travelling.